APE Model 20 Excavator Vibratory Driver Extractor

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Eccentric Moment 900 in-lbs (10.37 kgm)
Drive Force 35 tons (310 kN)
Frequency Maximum (VPM) 0 - 1,650 vpm
Max Line Pull 18 tons (160 kN)
Bare Hammer Weight w/o Clamp 2,540 lbs (1,152 kg)
Throat Width 12.38 in (31 cm)
Length 36.50 in (93 cm)
Height w/o Clamp 47.88 in (122 cm)

There is not a power unit recommended with this specfic hammer. Excavator mounted units are normally powered by hydraulics on the excavator.
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Specifications may vary due to site conditions, specific hammer conditions or product set up.
Specifications may change without notice.
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