The Incheon Sea Bridge is a 14 km elevated bridge with a cable span center that will link up the Incheon International Airport with the new, state of the art-New Song Do Beach City located across the inlet southeast of Seoul, also known as Incheon Free Economic Zone, or IFEZ. The land construction links three cities south of Incheon; Songdo, Cheongna, and Yeongjong.

A subway system extension and roadway expansion will accompany the bridge east of the airport for some of its infrastructure, including many high rise apartments.

The main piers and approaches for the cable span bridge are built using clusters of 3 meter diameter 67 meter length permanent casing.

Many 2.4 meter diameter permanent casing will be driven for the elevated portions of the bridge. Large, state of the art, Korean built table top drills with built in power units perform the clean out duties.

The APE Tandem 400 driver/extractor with the patented Quad Clamp System is handling the largest casings on the job greatly minimizing the potential need for relief drilling. Later in the job, these hammers will be split apart and then take on the smaller permanent casing independent of each other. This kind of versatility cannot be found in the industry without purchasing other accessories.

Jaehyun Construction had a large hand in building the first island bridge linking the Incheon International Airport to the peninsula heading north. The new bridge under construction now is sure to bring another economic surge to the country.

If you have any questions about this project or any you see on our website, feel free to contact me at the APE Corporate Headquarters or one of our sales representatives at any of our satellite locations. Our experienced staff will do what ever it takes to help protect your bottom line on your next pile driving job.

Dave Yingling

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