APE Holland delivered an APE Model 200 vibratory hammer and an APE D36 diesel hammer to the Persian Gulf for building a new yeti.

The yeti will be built on 20″ piles with a length of 25 meters. Between sandy layers, the pile has to go trough two hard, rocky layers of about 0,7 meters. First the piles will be put into place with the APE Model 200 hammer and lateron they will be rammed to the final depth with an APE D36 diesel hammer. Since the crane was not supplied with a leader, APE Holland also provides a flying leader for the use of the diesel hammer.

After commissioning of the Model 200 vibratory driver, Mr. Hosseinpour Azad, the project manager, was very enthousiastic about the hammer. “We were hoping it could come through both hard layers, but the pile came down even smoother than we could ever expect!”

More information about the project will follow soon.

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