Newly appointed to serve on the US Trade Committee, Republican Congressman Dave Reichert toured the APE manufacturing facility in Kent, Washington today.  Congressman Reichert discussed APE’s sales to foreign countries including China, Russia, Mexico, and Peru.

“We touched on a number of subjects which included APE’s successful bid to supply China with pile drivers to build the world’s largest bridge (see attachments) plus job creation, Washington State’s death tax, trade with China, and issues with the new health care bill” says John White, President of American Piledriving Equipment.

Congressman Reichert took the time to shake everyone’s hand and showed sincere curiosity regarding the pile drivers under various stages of assembly at the APE plant.  He then watched a diesel pile driver start up and pound on a pile in APE’s test stand.  In addition, he watched as a crew prepared a Vibratory Pile Driver being tested in preparation for shipment to China.

Congressman Reichert spent more than an hour touring the APE facilities.  He pointed out that Washington State does more business with China than any other State thanks to companies like APE.

(We had a moment to chat about the Foster Business School EMBA program.   I mentioned “Precision Questioning” and “Customer Value Proposition” as well as the “Organizational Performance Model” as three new terms I discovered in class………………………… JUST JOKING!)

Seriously, we did talk about the Foster Business School.  Congressman Reichert requested that I supply him with a chart showing all the Washington State suppliers to APE so that he could see how many jobs our company plays a role in creating.  I said I would do this after I finish my home work.

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